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Plymouth University

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We have a non-pay expenditure of circa £70m per annum which is across a wide range of works, goods and services. As a publically funded body we are subject to the Public Procurement Regulations 2006 (affectionately known as the EU Directives) and are required by law to advertise our requirements over the given thresholds through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). We are also members of the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortia (SUPC) for many commodity contracts such as photocopiers, stationery, furniture and other general commodities. The central procurement team is involved in all contracts worth more than £30,000 and we are obliged to secure quotations for all non-contract requirements over £10,000 which we will run through Sell2Plymouth, where you will also be able to link easily to our contract listings.

Whilst we cannot guarantee business to local suppliers, we guarantee that we will make every effort to ensure that local business is aware of our requirements, does not have unnecessary barriers put in their way and that any firm, regardless of size and location, is treated fairly and transparently.

We remain committed to putting the best contracts in place for the university and to buying from those contracts once in place.Further information about procurement can be found at the University of Plymouth's website

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Plymouth University Enterprise Solutions

Making it easier for you to access the support you need, when you need it

Enterprise Solutions is your gateway to accessing our entire range of expertise, services and facilities, and reaching the right source of support as quickly and easily as possible. We offer businesses timely advice, guidance and direct support in the following areas: Recruiting students and graduates; Research and expertise; Access to our facilities; Enterprise and entrepreneurship skills; Impartial and robust business and market intelligence; Bespoke organisational performance improvement solutions; Funding to support strategic developments. Find us at
Plymouth Enterprise Solutions

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Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

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Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust is an acute and general hospital providing services to 460,000 people in Plymouth, East Cornwall and South West Devon as well as specialist treatments to a population of up to two million from across Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust manages the following hospitals and services:

  • Derriford Hospital
  • The Royal Eye Infirmary
  • Services for young children at the Child Development Centre, Scott Business Park
We provide the full range of acute and general hospital services to 460,000 people in Plymouth, east Cornwall and south west Devon. This includes cancer care, orthopaedics, paediatrics, plastic and reconstructive surgery and ear, nose and throat services. We offer a range of highly specialist treatments, such as heart surgery and cardiology services, kidney transplants, neurosurgery and pancreatic surgery to a population of up to two million people across Devon, Cornwall and Dorset. Plymouth Hospitals is the largest hospital trust in the south west peninsula and is a teaching trust in partnership with the Peninsula Medical School. The Trust has an integrated Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit, which has a staff of approximately 220 military personnel who work in a variety of posts from lead doctors to trainee medical assistants. We have over 1,000 beds for inpatients and day case patients.

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Federation of Small Businesses

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The FSB has over 3000 members in the Plymouth postcode area. It works with partners in Plymouth and its surrounding areas, as well as nationally, to increase small firms' share of purchasing by the public sector. The FSB is committed to work with business support agencies to demonstrate how small businesses can achieve the national goal of a 30% share of public sector contracts.

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Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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With over 800 members the Chamber plays a leading role in the delivery of Plymouth's sustainable growth. We see local procurement as being a key component of the growth agenda and welcome any initiative that enables local firms to increase their chances of winning public sector contracts. We are particularly pleased to support Sell2Plymouth as it is a landmark initiative in which there is genuine joined-up thinking and working across the private and public sectors. Our members will be delighted that they only have to fill in one questionnaire to have their services registered with three public sector organisations. We look forward to more public sector agencies signing up to Sell2Plymouth.

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Plymouth Community Homes

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About us

Plymouth Community Homes is the largest single housing association in the South West, entrusted with the ownership and management of around 15 000 homes across the city.

We have funding of around £250 million underpinning our plans to meet the Decent Homes standard by 2014. Our plans include a five-year improvement programme for homes, which will mean new kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows and heating systems for hundreds of residents.

Our investment in Plymouth

Our commitment to Plymouth goes beyond bricks and mortar. We have set ourselves a challenging agenda and vision to Work for Plymouth, strengthen each community and improve the quality and services in our homes.

We aim to support Plymouth in as many ways as we can, working with partners in the city to create local employment and business opportunities. We strive to be an excellent employer, creating opportunities for local young people to do apprenticeships and work experience with us.

Creating opportunities for local business

We spend around £50M a year on a diverse range of goods, works and services from external suppliers. This expenditure includes that of our subsidiary, Plymouth Community Homes Services.

We believe this spending has a significant impact on the community we serve, and hope to create opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to tender for contracts. These opportunities may cover a variety of trades and disciplines, ranging from plumbers to printers, electricians to architects.

By expanding the scope for local businesses to apply for contracts, we hope to create sustainability and opportunity for the city.

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University College Plymouth St Mark & St John

Marjon Logo

University College Plymouth St Mark & St John (better known locally as Marjon) has a strong affinity with the local area, with 46% of our students coming from the Plymouth postal area.

Marjon is committed to exploring the wealth of talent, ability and produce that can be found on our own doorstep. It is our aim to offer a truly open and fair platform, to engage with minority businesses and encourage supplier diversity, fully embracing the Equality Act 2010.

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City College Plymouth

City College Plymouth Logo

City College Plymouth is a further education college located in the heart of Plymouth. Our College dates back to 1887 where it was a school of science and art. It became a college of further education in 1969 and rebranded in 2007 to become City College Plymouth. A large general further education college with an annual turnover of £33m, the College operates across two main campuses and serves over 18,000 students. We strive to be the South West’s leading provider of innovative, skills based, vocational education and training.

The College offers a variety of qualifications including:

  • Academic qualifications such as A levels and GCSEs
  • Vocational qualifications which relate to a particular area of work such as NVQs and BTEC national diplomas
  • Higher education qualifications including foundation degrees, higher national certificates/diplomas and professional qualifications
  • Work-based learning programmes including Apprenticeships
  • Basic skills in numeracy and literacy
  • Leisure and recreational courses.

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